The finest selection of black, green and white teas dedicated to all tea lovers and aficionados. Pairing together the highest quality and ancestral family recipes, we promise to serve you the perfect morning and afternoon treat.


We have concocted the most unique tea infusions you’ll ever taste! Enjoy these original infusion elixirs hot or iced and match each according to your mood. Magic potions that transport and transform you to where you desire. Where will you escape today?


Our herbal tea infusions are blended according to ancient Indian Ayurvedic principles, which are based on the careful selection of pure, organic herbs and spices that support the natural processes in the body. We created the most balanced, caffeine free herbal combinations with remedial properties to feel better every day.

Tea Society

Tea Society is for the laughter and mischief shared with family and friends. Society teas are about sharing precious moments, gossiping, cheering and gathering around a cup of tea. Your best way to catch up, celebrate and reflect on the year. Along with tiered cake stands, fine china, sweet delights and dainty sandwiches, we have compiled the perfect teas for all sorts of societies.